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Our mission and our story

Kuri was formed in 2015 by Geoff Bowers, a former police dog hander and trainer with a long-held belief that if dogs are treated with respect, kindness and consistency, they really can be man’s best friend.
On numerous occasions, dogs saved Geoff’s life while he was on duty as a police dog hander/trainer in the UK, and he made a vow to pay them back as a species. 
K9 Natural: a New Zealand success story
After moving to New Zealand in 2003 with the New Zealand Police, in 2006 he started a raw dog food company called K9 Natural, as he knew the best way to keep any dog healthy, fit and enhance longevity is to feed them food produced by nature. K9 Natural is now an internationally recognised brand, providing dogs with a species-appropriate diet, sourced right here in New Zealand. 
KURI: working towards better understanding for dogs
KURI is Geoff’s latest venture, tackling the next most important aspect of dog’s life: how they are treated. Geoff researched all the latest information to enable him to be able to communicate with them effectively.
Pawtners with complimentary skills
Geoff has been joined on his mission by Rochelle, who is equally skilled and committed to doing her best for dogs. 

Geoff and Rochelle are unstoppable in their dedication, drive and work ethos. They both continue to learn on a daily basis, and love sharing this 

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Join Geoff and Rochelle on this journey of discovery, and start to understand how to communicate with one of the most amazing species on the planet.

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