Harness your dog’s natural instincts
Tracking Foundation Course
For graduates of the Puppy Foundation Course and/or Adult Foundation Course

Learn the art of tracking and engage your dog’s innate abilities

Full access to all 18 video lessons: only NZ$199

Want to increase your own and your dog’s fitness and prevent your dog from getting bored? Want to teach your dog how to find missing persons or objects, and increase your bond at the same time? Then this is the course for you!

To teach the principles of tracking, we first explain how a dogs’ instincts work and what they are capable of. Then your dog will learn the principles of hunting and how to use their nose on command. We will start tracking by using lead and harness and then move on to a tracking cord. Your dog will learn the basics about scent identification and we will teach you how you can make your dog find anything just by using scent.

By the end of this course your dog will be able to differentiate between the scent you want them to find amongst thousands of other scents over a widespread area.

The course is broken down into topics, which contain easy-to-digest videos that you can watch and then practice in your own time. You do need to put in your time to reap the full rewards of this course. 

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Frequently asked questions about this course

This course is for any age of dog. New skills can be learned at any age, but like humans, as they age, senses do deteriorate, so keep your expectations realistic.

This course is NZ$199, which gives you unlimited access to all the lessons. Check out the reviews from other owners and you’ll see that it’s money well spent, and is even likely to save you money in the long run!

The Adult Foundation Course teaches you the fundamental techniques and approaches you need to communicate effectively with your dog, and provides you with the training materials you require for this course. You will need those skills to take this course, so it’s not possible to do this one without first completing the Puppy or Adult Foundation Course. 

The time limit for completing a course is four months, which is usually plenty of time. However, we can extend this on request, in the event of unforeseen occurrences.

If you are unsure what kind of training you need, complete this initial consultation form, and we can assess your situation and advise on the best route forwards. 

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